Code of Conduct

Coworking Bansko is a tight-knit community that thrives for #freedom and #happiness. The magic happens when we share the same values of human interactions and are trying to be the best version of ourselves. Our code of conduct is based on the coworking manifesto which outlines an aspirational goal of the culture that we want to create here. And an anti-harassment policy that is the bare minimum expectation of our member's conduct.


We have the talent. We just need to work together. Different environments need to overlap,
to connect and to interact in order to transform our culture.
In order to create a sustainable community based on trust, we value:
Let's try to become the best versions of ourselves and help others by paying it forward.
This also includes growing the Coworking Space to one of Europe's best communities.


We want to make sure everyone feels safe and respected at Coworking Bansko. Therefore all members, guests, and volunteers are required to agree with the following code of conduct:
Coworking Bansko is a 100% harassment-free community and there will be no toleration of harassment towards others in any form. Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

Don't be a jerk and treat others how you would like to be treated by them.
Respect different cultures, expectations, and backgrounds so that everyone feels safe and welcome.


To ensure that all participants at any event inside or outside the coworking space share the same values and are bound by these rules, please do not invite strangers to events. But of course bring your friends to the space to make them part of our community and introduce them. Everyone has a free trial day or two to experience our community. And we also have add-ons to bring friends that are not members to events.
Coworking Bansko is not the right environment for kids and we also do not allow pets indoors. Please enjoy those at home.


Luckily, considering the size of our community, we had only a handful of incidents in the last 5 years where we had to sanction behavior. This can be a stern warning, a temporary suspension of membership or permanent removal from our community. Matthias is judge, jury and executioner but also relies on the input from our Elders to find the right response for our community. His intervention however should be the last resort when members cannot resolve disputes themselves.
Members that are found in violation our values and/or code of conduct will be removed from our community. No refunds!

To report an incident please use this incident report form