Coworking Bansko Crypto Cabin
NFT Token Holder Rights & Responsibilities

Coworking Bansko is crowdfunding a cabin using NFT tokens (“tokens”) that are listed on
Token ownership and usage is governed by these terms & conditions.


Each token in the collection has a description that outlines the specific rights attached to that token. These rights can be redeemed by the holder of the token.
Each token that is named “Week XX” with a week number from 1 to 52 is a prepayment for 10 weeks of usage rights for that specific week for the next 10 years for the cabin.


Based on the final amount raised through the token sales the cabin will be bigger and more comfortable as outlined on 
Until the specific cabin is built, the exact specifications are not guaranteed and depend on many factors outside the control of Coworking Bansko. The project description is an aspiration goal, not a guarantee.
In case of major deviations from the project the community of token holders will be able to vote on different mitigation measures and alternatives. The community of token holder will also be able to vote on upgrades based on total amount raised.
The crowdfunding phase ends on 31 December 2021, all funds raised until that point will be the funds available for this project.


Token holders can use web3 authentication to check-in to the cabin after paying a service fee.
The service fee includes cleaning of the cabin, washing of sheets/towers, small repairs/maintenance, basic consumables (like washing liquid, toilet paper etc), plus wood/pellets for heating. It also includes administration/reservation system, tourist taxes, garbage collection…
The initial service fee is €99 per summer week, €125 mid-season, and €150 per winter week. Changes to the service fee structure and services provided will be voted on by the community of token holders.

    The tokens are listed on where it is freely traded.

Openseas charges a 2.5% commission on any sale and there will be an additional 2.5% royalty for Coworking Bansko on each sale. It is also possible to transfer / gift tokens to other wallets without any commission or royalty.
The current holder of the token has the usage right, in case of duplicate check-ins for the same period the last check-in gets preference while the older check-in is canceled.

    The community of token holders will vote on house rules that every user of the cabin has to agree to during the check-in process. Any damages caused by users or breaking of house rules might result in restrictions of future token usage.

These terms and conditions are valid as of 22 October 2021 and will be updated as required. The community of token holders will vote on any updates before they take effect.