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  • central location
  • 150 MBit fibre internet
  • free tea & coffee
  • inspiring events
  • ergonomic desks and chairs
  • great community

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Bansko is a great for a workation, startup retreat or group meetup. Please get our free „How to organise a workation in Bansko” document with all the information about accomodation, sightseeing and other attractions.

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We can offer you free accomodation and coworking in exchange for some of your time helping us with Coworking Bansko. Click here to learn more about our Nomad in Residence Program and apply.

If you are interested in working part-time at Coworking Bansko while developing your own business ideas, we can host you as parto of the Erasmus for Enterpreneurs program. More info about that: Erasmus for Enterpreneurs

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 A Travelers Perspective

When I arrived in Bansko, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Except the mountains of course! What I didn’t know, is that I was about to experience something entirely new to me, a coworking space.

It’s like the whole world keeps coming

In just the last few months, I met so many people and they all became my friends. Maybe 50 people, 50 new Facebook friends. You realize how we are all different but at the same time, we are similar. We all want to create, we all want to have fun, to have a good life, […]

When in Bansko…

A year ago, I had never considered Bulgaria as a travel destination. Spain & Portugal were high on my list, South Africa to escape the European winter maybe, and who knows, maybe when Europe starts to bore me, I’ll go and discover Asia. Now I’m typing this from a hammock on the porch of Coworking […]

Why I quit my career in Dubai

I’m writing this article directly from the desk of “the Space”. A place that made my definition of Bansko change from “a nice place to ski” to “a great place to meet smart people, with interesting personalities, doing cool stuff, and where you can even ski!”.

8 Reasons To Move To Bansko

How about paying 10% taxes? Don’t work for your government, work for yourself. Setting up a company and Bulgarian residence takes a little bit of research but once you do it you will have more freedom to choose how to invest and spend your own money. Here, you can leave comfortably with as low as […]

Gotta love what you do!

I moved to the quiet town of Bansko, where life is separated in a high and low season and something in between. A place where the streets are named after my grand-grandparents, where the mountain is my guru, where life is simple and yet not boring at all.