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  • ergonomic desks and chairs

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Bansko is a great for a workation, startup retreat or group meetup. Please get our free „How to organise a workation in Bansko” document with all the information about accomodation, sightseeing and other attractions.

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We can offer you free accomodation and coworking in exchange for some of your time helping us with Coworking Bansko. Click here to learn more about our Nomad in Residence Program and apply.

If you are interested in working part-time at Coworking Bansko while developing your own business ideas, we can host you as parto of the Erasmus for Enterpreneurs program. More info about that: Erasmus for Enterpreneurs

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Where nomads can buy

Constant travel is nice for a while, and I enjoy it a lot. But I also see why my friends are longing to have a permanent base that is not their parent’s basement.

Coliving Bulgaria Opening in

Jurgen and Ricardo met in Coworking Bansko, became friends, and decided to set up a coliving space in town. Even though they were looking for properties all around Bansko, they found the one right above our coworking space

Getting Bulgarian tax residency

Dominik recently got his Bulgarian residency ID and has set up a company here. He is one of the many digital nomads who now choose to make Bansko their home base.


Get our ,,Guide to Bansko" with information about acccomodation, transportation and everything else you need to know.